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Simulacrum Crowdfunding Cinematic Teaser

After months of development we are excited to announce that Simulacrum is heading to Indiegogo for Fall 2020!

To kick off our tease of the crowdfunding campaign we put together a little sequence that will give you an idea of what to expect, including footage from our full cinematic trailer. Be sure to subscribe to our Twitter & Facebook and check regularly over the next few weeks leading to the campaign launch. Check out the Cinematic Teaser below!

Subscribers to will be the first to know when the campaign launches. Get the early bird advantage on 7 content packed backer reward tiers, alongside an additional 5 limited reward tiers.

Learn more about Simulacrum at our Main Hub!

All site subscribers will also receive the Dracova Warpaint shader for free when the game launches.

We invite you to join us in helping to bring the universe of Simulacrum to life.

Come chat with us on Discord and be sure to share the Cinematic Teaser to help us spread the word about Simulacrum! See you soon!


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