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Creating Beautiful Worlds and Stories That Leave An Impact

Founded by two brothers who have been playing and modding games since they were 10 years old, Caldera Entertainment was born of a passion for immersive storytelling and engaging gameplay. Operating just outside of Houston (Texas, United States), our vision is to captivate players with the richness of our worlds, stunning visuals, and compelling narratives, while delivering gameplay experiences that are both challenging and fun.

The Heart of Our Games

Quality Narrative
A great story is the foundation of a memorable narrative experience

Interesting Worlds
Explore vast environments, experience a constant sense of discovery

Immersive Gameplay
Fluid and responsive gameplay that allows you to fully express your potential

Rich Characters
Complex and interesting characters that will leave a lasting impact on the player

Beautiful Visuals
A visual experience that allows the player to get lost and immersed in a new world

Unforgettable Music
Sounds that tie together the visuals and narrative into an unforgettable encounter

Player Identity
Set your characters apart through rich and extensive visual and gameplay customization

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