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What is Simulacrum?

Simulacrum is a cooperative, narrative driven Action Game. Players will take control of one of 5 characters as they complete objectives all across the galaxy. Travel to diversely rich environments, dominate the battlefield in style, and personalize your character and gameplay to your liking!

When is it coming out?

Simulacrum is currently in an alpha build. Right now we are looking to acquire funding in order to continue development towards our Kickstarter proposal. You can download and play the alpha build here.

What is included in the alpha build?

The alpha build features 1 playable character, an early version of the Extraction gamemode, a few enemies from the Construct faction, and 1 playable map.

Players will be able to get a feel for the combat system and what we are aiming to achieve on that front. There are also unlockable poses and shaders that you can obtain through level progression, or challenge completion. The leveling and challenge difficulty curves have been modified for the purpose of the build to allow quicker progression.

Is this what a complete character looks like?

The character in the alpha build is not final. There are several alternate customizable abilities, and a plethora of additional armor, shaders and poses. The character is intended to give a small taste of what is to come in the final product.

What is the extent of the customization?

Customization is going to be a MAJOR element in this game. We want players to be able to create unique builds for each of their characters, both with respect to visuals and gameplay. Players will be able to unlock armors, shaders, poses, abilities and more through progression and challenge completion. We aim to provide an overwhelming amount of quality customization at launch.

What can you tell us about enemy Factions?

Players will learn more about the different factions over the course of the story. Each enemy faction has its own unique style of battle. In the Alpha Build, 2 units from the Construct faction can be encountered. The Drone, a cannon fodder unit that can prove dangerous in large numbers as they swarm the player. And the Hellion, a very dangerous blitz stealth unit that can become quite deadly if you aren't keeping an eye on them. There are several other units that didn't make it into the Alpha Build but will be revealed in time. Each faction is designed to allow their units to work cohesively towards their goal.

Enemy factions will each feature unique commanders. These characters allow us to further diversify the play style of each faction. Each faction will have at minimum 2 commanders.

Another unique element in Simulacrum is how factions affect the world. Whereas other games might handle differing factions a bit more simply, swapping out the units spawned and leaving it at that - we want to create a more dynamic experience so that when you play on Meridian Cliffs for example, the experience will be wildly different depending on which faction you are facing.

So not only will you encounter unique gameplay with each faction, but also dynamic events during the course of the match. This can be seen in the Alpha Build on Meridian Cliffs where the Construct faction calls down an orbital strike during the match, which changes the entire atmosphere of the level. More events can be seen towards the end as the player extracts. This is unique to the Constructs, on this particular map. Another faction will have an entirely different dynamic event depending on who you're fighting and where you are.

One of the things we wanted to do in order to break up repetitiveness of playing a map more than once is to introduce elements like this. As well as other dynamic events we will touch upon later.

What will the cooperative experience be like?

Players will be able to team up with up to 2 friends online as you complete Incursions or Operations. Both of these game modes will present challenges to groups that will test your ability to play effectively and work as a team.

What can you tell us about the story?

At the heart of Simulacrum is a compelling narrative experience. We wanted to blend great visuals, immersive gameplay, and an unforgettable story all into one package. Players will be able to experience the story as they progress through content, and align themselves with factions that offer unique challenges and rewards.

So you aren't planning a sequel?

Right now we are focused on trying to create the first entry in the Simulacrum world. If we are fortunate enough to receive funding in order to complete this project, our goal will be to continue building upon it rather than abandoning it in favor of a separate continuation.

Why are you waiting for a kickstarter?

While we have a playable build of the game that demonstrates what we are aiming to achieve, there is still more we have yet to show that will offer a broader representation of what Simulacrum will be like when it is complete. The Alpha Build is what we achieved working full time using the remaining earnings from UE4 Marketplace asset sales. In order to continue work towards the Kickstarter Build we need more funding as this project requires full time work in order to complete. We have applied for an Unreal Dev Grant, but any help would go a long way in helping to fully bring this project to life.

If you are interested in donating through PayPal please visit our Donation page.

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