Dev Grant Alpha Build

Installation Guide

  • Download the Dev Grant Alpha Build using the link below.

  • Extract the Simulacrum folder to the desired destination.

  • Launch the Eridanus_3PS executable located within the Simulacrum folder to play.


  • Watch the gameplay reveal trailer before playing.

  • Review the controls in the game menus.

  • Menus require mouse and keyboard. Controller support is during gameplay only at the moment.


  • This is an alpha build. There may be gameplay bugs. If you encounter any please feel free to provide feedback in the appropriate channel on our Discord Server. Repro steps are also appreciated.

What is included?

  • Playable Character Sadira

  • Level And Challenge Progression With Cosmetic Unlocks

  • Early Version of The Extraction Game Mode

  • Player Stat Tracking

  • Codex Entries About The World of Simulacrum

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