Help Build The World of Simulacrum!

Simulacrum has been in development since early Summer 2019.  Since then we have created a fractional representation of what a full game would be like in the form of the Dev Grant Alpha build. While much progress has been made, there is still plenty of work to be done before we can initiate a strong and presentable Kickstarter campaign that can secure the future of this project and ensure its completion. Since the start of development Simulacrum has been self-funded and developed by 2 individuals. Initial funds for the project have since run out. With your help it can not only continue - but reach its fullest potential!

How Can I help?

Donations made through Paypal will go towards development of Simulacrum, allowing us to purchase additional resources, contract other designers and spend more time on development. As a small team of 2 individuals working on a self-funded project, any help goes a long way in helping us on the road to the Kickstarter campaign.


You can also add a donation when you download the alpha demo through our itch.io page.

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